Partnering with Parents in Raising Disciples of Jesus Christ

Partnering with Families

Our team is well equipped for the job. Its members have years of theological training and experience with organizations like YoungLife, Cru, and of course, local churches. Above all, they have a passion for God and the Scriptures. At the same time, we recognize no one will have a greater spiritual impact on a child than his or her family. This is why we focus not only on training children, but also their parents. We know the best way to minister to children is by equipping their families for the exciting, scary, and awesome task of discipling their kids. Our team provides resources and teaching to support them in this work God's called them to (Deuteronomy 6:6-7).

Children (Birth-4th grade)

In our Children's Ministry, we aim to give our children a solid foundation in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We use age-appropriate lessons and activities to teach them of God's great love and His amazing character. All of this is done in a safe and loving environment where children know they're welcomed and treasured. 

Students (5th-12th grade)

In our Student Ministry, we continue to build on this foundation through Bible-study, worship, prayer, small groups, service, and mentoring. We're convinced our student community is a place that is welcoming, friendly, and engaging. It's also where students learn discipleship is about more than just knowledge; it's also about being equipped to proclaim the gospel to the world through our words and lives. Additionally, our students are challenged to think deeply about how the gospel relates to an ever-changing culture.

Father John Tucker

Father John Tucker


Father John Tucker, our interim Children’s Pastor can be reached at and our Youth Pastor, Jon Beadle can be reached at You can also read more about them on HopePointe's leadership page.



Youth Pastor, Jon Beadle

Youth Pastor, Jon Beadle



Tu 6/25 - Youth Paint Wars - 3-5:30 pm at HopePointe

Thu 6/27 - Children and Family BBQ @ the Miguel’s House - TBD


Sun 7/7 - Family Meetup at Crust Pizza after Church - 12:30 pm

Wed 7/10 - Kanga Playcenter Meetup - 10 am

Fr 7/12 - Youth Shopping Cart 500 - 3:30-5:30 pm @ HopePointe

Wed 7/17 - Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm Meetup - 9-11 am

Mon 7/22 - Family Lion King Movie Theater Meetup - TBD

Fr 7/26 - Youth Dinner and Movie Meetup - TBD

Wed 7/31 - Family Water Day - 10 am -1 pm - HopePointe


Sun 8/4 - Family Meetup at Hutis-5 after church - 12:30 pm

Tue 8/6 - Narnia Dinner, Book Discussion and Movie Night - 6:00 pm @ HP

Th 8/8-Sat 8/9 - Youth Back to School Retreat

Mon 8/12 - May Valley Park and Splashpad Meetup - 10 am

Fri 8/16 - Youth Back to School Game Night - TBD


Momentum (Youth Bible Study):

Th 6/27 - 6 pm at HopePointe

Th 7/11 - 6 pm at HopePointe

Th 7/25 - 6 pm at HopePointe

Th 8/1 - 6 pm at HopePointe

Th 8/15 - 6 pm at HopePointe

Parents’ Night Out (For Parents of Kids 1-10):

Sat 7/13 - 5-8:30 pm at HopePointe

Sat 8/17 - 5-8:30 pm at HopePointe

Tamina (Youth Outreach):

Tu 7/9 - 6 pm at HopePointe

Tu 7/30 - 6 pm at HopePointe

Tu 8/13 - 6 pm at HopePointe

Soul in the City (DWGC Youth Service Week and Camp):

7/14-7/20 – St. Timothy's Anglican.  See Youth Pastor, Jon Beadle for more info.