We all know what it's like to visit somewhere new. Hopefully, the information below gives you a sense of what to expect.

"What are Sunday mornings like?"

Our Sunday morning gatherings take place in our Worship Center, the largest of the two buildings you'll find on site. Each of the two services goes a little over an hour: a traditional one at 9:00 AM and modern at 10:45 AM. While both are centered upon Anglican liturgy (an order of worship), they vary in style and sound. The 9:00 AM service feels a bit more traditional and features choir-led hymns that Christians have sung for centuries. The 10:45 AM feels somewhat more casual and involves contemporary music, including guitar and drums. Both services include singing, prayer, bible-reading, preaching, and Holy Communion.

"What do people wear?"

You'll find our congregation has a range of styles. Some men dress in jeans and a collared shirt, while others wear a buttoned-down and even a tie. Likewise, some women also wear jeans and a shirt while others prefer a dress. The truth is that no matter what you wear, you should fit right in.

"I'm bringing my kids. Do they worship with us, or do they go somewhere else?"

The Bible describes the church as a family, so we encourage our children to worship alongside their parents. However, we also know different ages have different needs. If you have an infant or pre-K child, we offer childcare during both services (click here to learn more). Leave your cell phone number with us, and we'll text you if you're needed.

Older children may leave the congregation briefly before the sermon begins. They enjoy a time together with songs, art, and learning more about God's love for us and the world, returning before Holy Communion. Of course, if they'd rather stay with you, that's fine too.