“Imagine a world in which two billion Christians embrace the whole gospel—each doing a part to complete God’s stunning vision of a reclaimed and redeemed world, the kingdom of God among us.  Picture armies of compassion stationed in every corner of our world, doing small things with great love.  Can you imagine this different vision for our world?”

                                                                                                               –Richard Stearns, The Hole in Our Gospel

God has chosen us, His church, to be His ambassadors in the world.  When we say “yes” to Jesus, we say “yes” to joining with Him in His work, living our lives in such a way that the world might catch a glimpse of God’s heart—His mercy, power, compassion, justice, healing, and love.  The Compassion Outreach Ministry serves to mobilize HopePointe in strategic ways to respond to the needs of the suffering and broken around us.

Compassion Partners

The needs are vast, yet our God is great.  In an effort to help focus our compassion efforts as a community, the Compassion Outreach team has recommended that HopePointe partner with specific compassion ministries.  These ministries meet certain criteria, determined prayerfully by the team.  The HopePointe community supports our Compassion Partners with time, money, and labors of love.

Compassion Opportunities

Compassion Opportunities are exciting ministry outreach projects, events, and connections that do not meet the criteria for partnership, but are sound, valuable, and trustworthy.  The Compassion Outreach Ministry believes in these efforts and encourages HopePointers to prayerfully consider involvement and support.