What is Planning Center Services?

Services is a huge help to those serving on Sundays by allowing them to do the following things, among others:

  • block out future dates when they know they can’t serve

  • express preferences for when they serve in relation to a spouse or child

  • view all future dates they’re scheduled to serve (and connect it to electronic calendars)

  • indicate a change they need to make

  • receive email or push notifications reminding them about an upcoming day they’re serving.

On top of this, Services saves HopePointe significant time by auto-scheduling our rotations based on the information people give us.

What we need from you

To help us schedule our teams, please keep your blackout dates and preferences up-to-date. You can do so by reading below:

1) Giving us your blockout dates (click here to learn how).

2) Updating your preferences (learn more by going here).