Setting your Preferences

PCO preferences.jpg

Do other members of your family also serve on Sunday mornings? Preferences can help you coordinate. Learn more by following our own step-by-step guide below, or reading Planning Center’s article on their website.

*Also note that while Services does let you set other preferences, for scheduling purposes, please don’t update your frequency without first discussing with your team’s pastor or pastor partner.

Preferences can only be updated on a computer rather than on the Services app. From your browser… 

1. Log into Planning Center Services: Visit the Services login page here. After typing in your email and password, you’ll be taken to a page called the Services "Dashboard."

2. Go to your profile: Click on the icon in the top right of the webpage. If you have uploaded a picture, you'll be clicking on a circle with your picture inside it. If you have not, the circle will have a silhouette of a man or woman. Once you click on it, your name will appear. Click on this to go to your personal profile page.

3.  Edit your preferences : On the next screen you will see the word "Preferences" just under the green banner toward the middle of the page. Click "Edit" to the right of this. 

4. Scheduling in relation to family members who also serve: If you have a family, you should see all other members of your household listed under "Preferences." (please let us know if you don't see anyone you should! Email By clicking to the right of another family member's name, you can indicate your preference for being scheduled in relation to when he/she serves.

A) For example, let's pretend Tim and Faith are a couple who both happen to sing at HopePointe :) Faith might prefer to serve only in the same services as Tim, so she clicks "Schedule me when Tim is scheduled in the same plan". Or, if they alternate services or attend both, she may not prefer serving at the exact same service, but to be scheduled on the same day at the other one, so she clicks "Schedule me when Tim is scheduled in any concurrent plan". A concurrent plan is plan with times on the same day. 

B) You can request the opposite, too. Let's say Faith does not want to serve at the same services in which Tim does. She can click "Don't schedule me when Tim is scheduled in the same plan". Or, if she doesn't want to serve at any service on the same days as Tim,  she can click "Don't schedule me when Tim is scheduled in any concurrent plan".

5. Click "Done". Once you have chosen your preferences, make sure to click “Done” in the top right to save them. Planning Center will now auto-schedule while bearing in mind your preference requests.

Please note that we cannot guarantee every preference will be met. However, we can offer a schedule that seeks to accommodate the greatest number of preference requests possible.