At HopePointe we have many different types of men: some who are obsessed with sports, and some who are interested in other things, men who hope to get married one day, and others who have been married over 60 years, some who have always been a Christian, and others who are just investigating.

One thing remains the same for each of us: being a man is complicated. We face all kinds of challenges, especially in our faith, work and relationships. How are we supposed to take these on? Where can we go for encouragement? And most importantly, who was Jesus Christ, and what does he have to show us about what it means to be a man? Join us on Thursdays once a month for Titus Men -  an opportunity for discussion, encouragement, and teaching as we hear from other men about their experience of walking the Christian life”.

The Titus Men leadership team is composed of Chris Poole, Jon Sneed, Mick Bailey, and Jonathan Travis. If you have any questions about upcoming events, please contact them. Thank you!