At HopePointe Church we seek to be a healthy, biblically-functioning community of faith which understands and lives a life and ministry that glorifies God.  As biblical Christians we believe that all members are called to grow, function, participate, and minister in a particular place within this portion of the body of Christ. A healthy body requires that each member does its part well. A healthy church requires the same: members who are sacrificially committed and well-equipped to do the works of service that God has prepared in advance for us to do (Eph. 2:10; 4:12). HopePointe Church holds its members in high regard and we desire all the hope and abundant life God has determined for each of us. God, in his sovereignty, placed us in this city, among these people, in this century, for a reason (Acts 17:26-27).

      Being a member of HopePointe Church is really about being part of a family. All members are followers of Jesus Christ, and are unified by their identity in Him. This unity is lived out in the way we express ourselves and collaborate in loving God,  fellow Christians, and non-Christians. Those who enter into a covenant with this church family are answering a sense of calling to live out a fuller expression of being part of that family.

What is a covenant?

      A covenant is a promise by which we obligate ourselves to one another in such a way that the obligation of one party is not dependent on the faithfulness of the other (Ezek. 20:44; 36:22; Ps. 76:11; Hos. 2:19-20; 3:1; 2 Tim. 2:13). Though the HopePointe Church covenant is designed to help define the relationship between members and the church, it is above all a promise made by all to God as a commitment to His glory and His bride, the church (Eph. 5:25).

Membership Covenant



HopePointe Church, with God’s Help and in the Power of the Holy Spirit, Covenants to

·       Warmly welcome all 

·       Depend on God’s Word to order our lives, express our faith and function as a community

·       Protect our church community from false teaching

·       Care for all members in times of difficulty and pray for all members regularly

·       Equip and empower all members to develop and use their spiritual gifts to glorify God

·      Be forthright and transparent with regard to our vision, mission, values, leadership, and stewardship of finances and resources

·      Assist and join all members in fulfilling this Membership Covenant

Each Member of HopePointe, with God’s Help and in the Power of the Holy Spirit, Covenants to

·       Encounter Christ by

  • Affirming a commitment to Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord
  • Attending worship celebrations faithfully
  • Submitting to the authority of Scripture as God’s word which contains all things necessary for life and salvation
  • Submitting to the care and spiritual authority of the Elders of HopePointe Church

·       Grow in Christ by

  • Praying for HopePointe’s spiritual growth and ministry
  • Discovering and offering my spiritual gifts
  • Striving to live a Godly life
  • Faithfully stewarding and managing the various resources God has given me
  • Developing and maintaining a consistent time for Bible study and prayer
  • Seeking to participate as a member of a small group
  • Actively protecting the unity and peace of the church community by refraining from gossip and divisive conversations

·       Serve a World in Need by

  • Living and Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • Practicing the humility and sacrificial attitude of Christ
  • Striving to develop a servant’s heart
  • Being open to personal opportunities to serve outside HopePointe Church
  • Supporting and encouraging others to serve outside HopePointe Church

I/we have read, understood and commit to the HopePointe Church Membership Covenant. With God’s help through and within the community of HopePointe Church, I/we endeavor to live into these covenants and the values of HopePointe Church for the next season of my life.


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As  Senior Pastor of and on behalf of HopePointe  Anglican Church I have read, and commit myself and this church to the Membership Covenant stated above. With God’s help through and within the community of HopePointe Anglican Church, we engage in this covenant with and welcome ___________________________________________________ as  full member(s) of this church and of the Anglican Communion worldwide.


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I/We celebrate with HopePointe Church this new season begun in covenant together. I/We do not feel called at this time to become members but if it be God’s will look forward to a day on which we might join.

 By checking this box I am asking to be contacted by a Pastor of the church so that I may ask some questions about HopePointe


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