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What is Anglicanism? How did Anglicanism start? What do Anglicans believe? How do Anglicans worship? How is the Anglican Church organized? If you or someone you know has asked these questions or questions like these, we have an opportunity for you! Beginning April 8th, HopePointe is offering a course on Anglicanism, taught by Bishop Clark, Father Bryan, and Deacon Lisa. The course will be offered in three sections, each lasting an hour and a half. The classes and schedule are as follows:

  • May 6th , 9:30-11:00 am: The Anglican Way: Liturgy and Sacrament
  • May 27th , 9:30-11:00 am: The Anglican Way: Leadership and Structure

You do not have to commit to all three to participate. Each class will be its own stand-alone unit. Classes will meet in the Worship Center. Registration may be completed on the Anglican Class information page.

 For more information, visit HopePointe’s website, www.hopepointe.org, or email Father Bryan, bryan@hopepointe.org, or Deacon Lisa, lisa@hopepointe.org, or call the church office, 281-362-1144.