Mid-Week Holy Communion

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We have a mid-week service of Holy Communion each Wednesday at 8:30 AM. Service includes a short homily and lasts approximately 35 minutes. Please join us for this time of devotion and refreshment.

Eastertide at HopePointe

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The Season of Easter

We celebrate our Lord’s resurrection and the beginning of Eastertide with these words, “Alleluia!  Christ is risen!  The Lord is risen indeed!  Alleluia!”  We will proclaim these glorious words for the next seven weeks, remembering that God has brought us full circle:  from the ash heap of our lives of Ash Wednesday into the fullness of life and joy.  God does, indeed, have the final word, and He does so in the resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ!  The Paschal Candle burns during Eastertide, symbolizing our eternal life in Christ.  During these 50 days of Easter, the early Church, as a tangible proclamation of the Lord’s resurrection, would suspend saying the Confession and stand throughout their worship services, singing additional songs and hymns.  The stone is rolled away, and the tomb is empty!  Alleluia!  Christ is risen!  The Lord is risen indeed!  Alleluia!

One Worship Service and Picnic Celebration Pentecost Sunday


We will gather for worship as one big family to celebrate Pentecost at 10:00 AM, Sunday, June 9th,with a Pentecost Picnic celebration to follow!  Dress casually and wear something red.  Bring a friend, a chair and a side or salad.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, beverages and dessert will be provided!

Word In Song Conference

Click image above to Register!

Click image above to Register!


8:00am Breakfast
8:45am Session 1 – Singing & Bible Talk
10:00am Session 2 - Church Music Masterclass
11:15am Seminar Breakouts: Song Leading OR Creativity in Congregational Music
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Seminar Breakouts: What songs should we sing? OR Ministry of Sound
3:00pm Finish

Seminar/Masterclass descriptions:

Church Music Masterclass: In this session we aim to cover everything you’ll ever need to know about leading excellent singing in your church - whatever your church size or preferred style of music! We’ll look at how (as a music team) we give priority to the congregation’s voice, and how we can use any instrument and vocal combination to provide a creative and confident lead for the singing in your church. Helpful for everyone - musicians, vocalists, worship leaders, sound team, pastors.

Song Leading: In many ways the song leader is the single most important person in leading great congregational singing. We will look at the biblical basis for having a song leader, but will aim to spend most of our time on the practicalities of how to lead singing well - including mic technique, what to say, how to teach new material etc., as well offering some constructive criticism to those who are happy to stand up and have a go! Helpful for singers, worship leaders, pastors.

Creativity in Congregational Music: Good ensemble playing requires understanding your place in the group and knowing what and how to play at the right time. But is there more we can do to craft our songs and services to creatively engage hearts and minds with the gospel? We'll look further at the musical techniques for leading well on your instrument, and ideas for re-inventing songs, old and new. Helpful for instrumentalists, band and worship leaders.

What Songs Should We Sing?: Choosing songs thoughtfully and intentionally is key to an effective word-based music ministry. However, there is so much to consider when creating services week in and week out - and it can be hard to keep our focus on what is important! In this workshop we’ll think about how to create a well-rounded repertoire of songs for our church and talk through all the factors we need to consider when choosing from this list each week. We’ll also consider how style, instrumentation, lyrical content and liturgy affect our song choices. Helpful for pastors, singers, worship leaders, song writers.

Ministry of Sound: This session is for sound people and musicians – it is about training your ears and the practical implications of the church being called to hear God’s word: spoken and sung. We will consider how we play for different sized congregations, volume, balance, the critical mass of a space, how to self-mix, ambient sound, and how to foster good relationships between musicians, sound guys and congregation. Helpful for worship pastors, musicians, sound technicians.

You can find more about EMU Music here

Soul in the City

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Soul in the City 2019 (SitC), the first of two major trips for our youth this summer is now being promoted. Our Bishop has asked that we send as many students as possible to this event. It's also a unique opportunity for students to meet up with other churches in the diocese.

Last day to register is June 1st!

Link to sign up and pay: https://hopepointe.churchcenter.com/registrat…/events/228459

If you have any more questions regarding anything related to SitC, don't hesitate to reach out to Youth Pastor, Jon Beadle, jbeadle@hopepointe.org.

For more information, you can go to the following link to read about the themes for this years week-long event: https://sitchouston.wixsite.com/2019/registration