Updating Your Blockout Dates

Know you’ll be away on a Sunday? Update your blockout dates and we’ll schedule around it! We’ve provided two ways to learn how: either watching Planning Center’s video above, or reading our own step-by-step instructions below:

From a computer… (for instructions using the app on an iPhone, Android, or tablet, skip this section and read on below)

1. Log into Planning Center Services: Go to the Services login page by clicking here. After typing in your email and password, you will be taken to a page called the Services "Dashboard."

2. Go to your profile: Click on the icon in the top right of the webpage. If you have uploaded a picture, you'll be clicking on a circle with your picture inside. If you have not, the circle will have a silhouette of a man or woman. Click on this and then click on your name. 

3. Go to the blockout window: Click on "Add blackout dates" in a rectangular box in the middle of the screen. Next, use the calendar to click on future Sundays you know you are not available. For example, choose the next Sunday on the calendar. 

4. Block out the date: A screen will pop up inviting you to give more details about this specific date. If you will be gone for an extended period of time, you can click in the "End date" box and choose the final day you are unavailable. Note: leaving this blank will only schedule the original date you chose. If you're unavailable because of a repetitive event, click on "Repeat" and choose how frequently you’re away. Finally, if you like, you can share more about why you're unavailable. When done, click the green save button in the bottom right-hand corner. That's it - all your future blockout dates are now listed under "Upcoming Plans" on the left of the next screen, the Dashboard. If you also use the mobile app, you’ll now find your blockout dates included there.

5. Make a mistake? Under "Upcoming Plans" on the dashboard, click on the date you entered incorrectly. The next window will allow you to make changes, including deleting the blockout date you created, altogether. 

6. You’re done! Our auto-scheduler will now do its best to create rotations based on the dates you’ve indicated in Services!

From the Services app for iPhone, Android, or tablet

1. Open the Services App: Touch the icon on your phone or tablet.

2. Go to the mobile dashboard: Touch the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner. If you are on a tablet, a new dark window will open on the left. 

3. Open "Blockout dates": touch "+Blockout" in the bottom left. 

4. Choose your dates: Select the Sundays when you're not available (touch the dates themselves to change them) 

5. Make sure to save!: After adding any details you want, touch the save icon in the top right-hand corner, just to the left of the three dots (on a phone). If on a tablet, touch the check mark in the top right.  Now you'll see your blackout dates listed on your dashboard in the bottom left. If you have added them on your computer, you should also see them here on the app, as well.